Oracle – No ASK, just Update!


Java users are getting asked if they want to install when updating their Java software. I thought companies stopped forcing search engines and tool bars on their users 10 years ago. But not Oracle!

So what is Oracles relationship to I have no clue. Since the relationship is not obvious to us all it makes it even more unprofessional to offer when updating Java.

Why does Oracle want to offer a search engine when you update Java? Is it only a business deal between Oracle and and the fact that the Java users are so many it is simply a very good way to spread your product?  I don’t know this either.

What I do know is that companies with no obvious connection to the search engine or tool bar they offer will piss me off and I will regard that company as highly unprofessional. Even more so when they check the box as default.
10-15 years ago this way of spreading your search engine was quite common but soon disappeared. But Oracle seems to think it still works and users are ok with it. Well, I’m not and I really hope there are others out there that feel the same way.

Can Oracle just let me update Java without getting in my face? Is that too much to ask?


Larry Ellison and Oracle
You shall not ASK, just bloody update!


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