Future Tech: a real smart watch

Smart watches sales is struggling due to consumers not finding the reasons to actually buy one. Something is wrong when not even Apple can convince their customers. Maybe the reason is that smart watches are not smart enough?  

What do you mean ”not smart enough”? Are you mad?

Indeed the smart watches are smart as long as they connect to a smart phone. Their current stand-alone functionality can be questioned. However, Samsung and the new Gear S3 includes a sim-card on the LTE models. They are getting smarter…

This blog post is however not about features. It is about something more fundamental: battery life. The smart watches on the market today all have LED displays of some sort. LED displays will drain your battery when used. You are lucky if you can get your watch to last 4 – 5 days before you need to charge it. It also means you have yet another device to constantly charge (in addition to your smart phone, tablet and wireless headset).

What I expect the future to hold is this:

Take a standard watch and add a see-through smart glass on top. When smart glass is lit you have all the functionality of a smart watch. When the glass is in idle mode (not lit but see-through) you will have all the functionality of your favorite standard watch.

The watch can be equipped with all existing smart watch functionality such as built-in GPS, sim-card, wifi, speaker as well as sensors to measure heart rate etc.  Data will be collected at all times and managed by the smart glass.

Key is also that you have dual battery. The standard watch operates from the normal non-rechargeable battery (same as today) while the smart glass has a separate battery which you can charge. Since the watch does not have to keep the smart glass active at all times the battery life of the smart glass can be extended to at least 14 days (unless you are a heavy user of the smart functionality). In the event you are not able to charge the smart glass and you run out of power the watch will simply default back to the standard watch as the smart glass will not be lit. The battery life of the standard watch will not change. It is still 12 – 24 months. Or longer…

That is smart!

But hey – I love changing watch faces!

Well, the smart glass will allow you to do that as per any smart watch. The downside is of course that battery life will be much shorter. But the choice is yours.

Come on smart watch developers! Can I have the future today?


Disclaimer: The pictures above of Huawei Watches and Tag Heuer are just used as illustrations in this blog post. They do not represent ”the real smart watch”. 


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