Future Tech: Wall-E

Why limit yourself to a 65 inch Smart-TV for your entertainment when you can have wall instead. That is Wall-E. That is true entertainment.

Picture this – your whole living room wall covered with 30×30 cm modules fitting seamlessly together creating a screen with 4K resolution for all-you-can-think-of-entertainment.
In addition to the screen you have a media hub connected to where you can cast any kind of media or app content. Then you connect an HD sound audio system and a state-of-the-art camera solution (three cameras – top-center, left and right) to give you video calls like you have never seen them before.
The picture illustrating this blog post is close but my modules have no visible grid lines. 

It is all about content

Now you have your mega screen with crystal clear 4K resolution, your HD sound and cool video capabilites. Now let’s fill it with content.

In the middle, down low, you have your 80 inch TV showing your TiVo, your casted Netflix or HBO (or whatever you prefer to watch). Middle high is your video call / FaceTime area. It is big and in your face.

To the left you have your news area. Latest news from CNN, real time updates of your favorite stocks from Bloomberg and perhaps the lastest odds from Bet365. Whatever makes you tick.

To the right is your social media section. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter neatly placed under each other. Every post, every tweet, every pic. Perhaps add Snapchat and Pinterest too?

Sports fans: why not add multiple streams across the whole wall and enjoy all your favorite games. One wall, all games.

Movie fans: enjoy the Last Jedi across the whole wall. The force will be freaking with you after that experience!

Gaming fans: you think you are good at Counter Strike? Wait until you play on this wall. It is a real killer! It will bring you the action like never before.

Home workers: Skype calls, Webex sessions, Lync calls with your colleagues – who wants to be in the office? Just make sure you dress properly…

Just chillin’: let the wall transform into a giant screen saver. Show your favorite pics from your latest vacation, show winter pictures to get that nice Christmas feeling or why not subscribe to Wall-E Interactive screen savers where your touch makes things happen. Yes, you are right. The modules have motion sensors.

Everything is controlled and managed by drag-and-drop on the screen itself (it will let you add or remove content or re-arrange items). You can also use the Wall-E app on your smart phone or tablet. Simply drag-and-drop media into the screen and re-arrange as you please. The latter is what I would prefer as I hate to clean greasy finger prints on a big frickin’ living room wall.

So who will be first to offer me Wall-E? I want!






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