To hell with war!

Make love,make peace, make out, make whatever but never, ever war!

Future Tech: a real smart watch

Smart watches sales is struggling due to consumers not finding the reasons to actually buy one. Something is wrong when not even Apple can convince their customers. Maybe the reason is that smart watches are not smart enough?

Automate your Android phone

Ever wanted to automate your Android phone to remove often used sequense of steps? It is possible – with Android, not iPhone. I call it scripted intelligence. 

The vicious circle of year-end scrutiny

We are reaching the time of the year when many companies are scrutinizing their sales figures and cost base, looking at the likeliness of near future wins from what is in the sales funnel, issuing travel and expenditure restrictions.

2CLI and emergency calls

The introduction of 2CLI (Alternate Caller ID) has changed the way  SIP Trunking customers can control the Caller ID presented at the answering end. But it also have an impact on emergency calls…

BYOD – hot or not?

Bring Your Own Device a.k.a BYOD is the talk of the town. But what is it all about and will it change the way we use devices such as smart phones and tablets in our work environment?